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9789988261368 - Agana-Nsiire Agana: Epiphany and Other Reflections - Book

Agana-Nsiire Agana (?):

Epiphany and Other Reflections (2017) (?)

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Epiphany and Other Reflections is a collection of short, inspiring reflections that explore the deep things of Scripture through the lens of common, everyday experience and the filter of deep introspection. Life should be an ongoing, meaningful reflection on the word of God. Each chapter is a short reflection on a scriptural theme or Bible text against the backdrop of actual actual experience. These include my interaction with real incidents, news, science, people, reading and more. My goal is to help the reader find that connection between the word and the life that is often missing in the details of our lives, by sharing my own experience of that connection. Without sermonising or being too technical, The reflections also contain useful advice and sound biblical exposition that will appeal to the layperson as well as the seasoned theologian. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it! Agana-Nsiire Agana The Author
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Category: Christianity
Keywords: Epiphany and Other Reflections Agana-Nsiire Agana Christian Life Christianity 9789988261368
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ISBN (alternative notations): 9988-2-6136-5, 978-9988-2-6136-8


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