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9789988238605 - Bola Benson: Reaching Your Future: How to Step into Your Dream Career (English Edition) - Book

Bola Benson (?):

Reaching Your Future: How to Step into Your Dream Career (English Edition) (2016) (?)

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9789988238605 (?) or 9988238606

, in english, 60 pages, Hetura Books, New, ebook, digital download
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Graduation is always hailed as the start of a student’s career, but for many graduates, it feels as though they are standing on the edge of a steep cliff. They are told to take the next step but they can’t see it. All they see is a deep drop down into the unknown. This is also true for professionals who want to move into a different career. If you are changing careers, you also stand at the edge of that cliff, but you have an added obligation – you also have to master new skills to qualify for your new field. Good news! This book is your hang glider. It will allow you to step off that cliff and soar toward your future. Use Reaching for Your Future: How to Step into Your Dream Career as a handbook for preparing yourself to reach your dream career. In this book, you will: „ Discover who you are deep inside, what makes you happiest, and what your talents and passions are. „ Explore career choices that best fit who you are and what you want to accomplish so that you will do what you love. „ Learn how to create and update a powerful Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume so that it expresses who you are and what you can do well. „ Find creative ways to boost your expertise and get experience in key areas needed for your chosen career. x „ Learn how to create an action plan with realistic milestones that energise you to reach for your goal. Most of all, you will discover resources that will help you get from Point A to Point B as you travel the path toward your dream career. You are standing at that cliff and looking out over a future of possibilities. If you just cross your fingers and step off, hoping that you will land where you want to be, you will probably miss – and end up with a lot of bruises. This is because the steps to your dream career are still nebulous and undefined. If you aren’t sure where you are going, it will be difficult to get there because you don’t know exactly where “there” is. This is why it is so critical that you read this book and honestly apply what you discover to your own life. By following these steps, you will be able to break into your dream career. Format Kindle, Format: Ebook Kindle, Label: Hetura Books, Hetura Books, Product group: eBooks, Published: 2016-07-16, Release date: 2016-07-16, Studio: Hetura Books
Keywords: Livres anglais et étrangers, Health, Mind & Body, Self-Help, Personal Transformation, Boutique Kindle, Ebooks Kindle, Ebooks en langues étrangères, Ebooks en anglais
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ISBN (alternative notations): 9988-2-3860-6, 978-9988-2-3860-5


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