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9789964705503 - Anna Cottrell#Agbotaduah Togbi Kumassah: Once Upon A Time In Ghana. Second Edition - Book

Anna Cottrell#Agbotaduah Togbi Kumassah (?):

Once Upon A Time In Ghana. Second Edition (?)

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9789964705503 (?) or 9964705506

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Once Upon A Time In Ghana. Second Edition, These original and traditional oral stories are really by the people and for the people. If a civilisation expresses itself through its various art forms, then stories are the voice of those who have handed down their understanding of life from age to age. Traditional stories were a wonderful way of binding communities together and it is a nation's loss if it no longer values the wisdom of the past. We should remember the Sankofa who bids us look to the past to guide us into our future.
Category: Bücher / Fremdsprachige Bücher / Englische Bücher / Kinder- & Jugendbücher
Keywords: Bücher
Data from 02/20/2017 21:46h
ISBN (alternative notations): 9964-70-550-6, 978-9964-70-550-3


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