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9787119017785 - Cheng'En Wu: Journey to the West (3 Volumes) - Book
Cheng'En Wu (?):

Journey to the West (3 Volumes) (?)

Delivery from: CanadaNew book

ISBN: 9787119017785 (?) or 7119017780, Band: 3, unknown language, Foreign Languages Press, New

46.87 (C$ 70.82)¹(without obligation)
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From Seller/Antiquarian
Cheng'En Wu, Books, Journey to the West (3 Volumes), Journey to the West is a classic Chinese mythological novel.It was written during the Ming Dynasty based on traditional folktales.Consisting of 100 chapters,this fantasy relates the adventuresof a Tang Dynasty(618-907)priest Sanzang and his three disciples,Monkey,Pig and Friar Sand,as they travel west in search of Buddhist Sutra.The first seven chapters recount the birth of the Monkey King and his rebellion against Heaven.Then in chapters eight to twelve,we learn how Sanzang was born and why he is searching for the scriptures,as well as his preparations for the journey.The rest of the
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ISBN (alternative notations): 7-119-01778-0, 978-7-119-01778-5
9787119017785 - 吴承恩, 作者: 吴承恩, 译者: W.J.F.Jenner: 西游记(套装1-3册)(英文版) - Book
吴承恩, 作者: 吴承恩, 译者: W.J.F.Jenner (?):

西游记(套装1-3册)(英文版) (2008) (?)

Delivery from: ChinaBook is in english languageNew book

ISBN: 9787119017785 (?) or 7119017780, in english, 1722 pages, 外文出版社, New

17.06 (¥ 131)¹(without obligation)
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From Seller/Antiquarian, 点点动力图书专营店
《西游记(套装1-3册)(英文版)》主要内容:Journey to the West is a mythological novel based on many centuries of popular tradition. It was probably put into its present form in the 1570s by Wu Cheng'en (1500-82).This lively fantasy relates the amazing adventures of the priest Sanzang as he travels west in search of Buddhist sutras with his three disciples, the irreverent and capable Monkey, greedy Pig, and Friar Sand. The opening chapters recount the earlier exploits of Monkey, culminating in his rebellion against Heaven. We then learn how Sanzang becomes a monk and is sent on his pilgrimage by the Tang emperor who has escaped death with the help of an Underworld official. The main story, the journey, takes the priest through all kinds of entertaining trials and tribulations, mainly at the hands of monsters and spirits who want to eat him. Only the courage and powers of his disciples, especially Monkey, save him from death. Monkey is the hero of the fantasy, and the reader will soon learn why he has long been so loved in China. Will the pilgrims reach the Vulture Peak and obtain the scriptures? The answer will only be found at the end of the 100-chapter novel.The story is as full of imagination as Monkey is of magic, and packed with incident and down-to-earth humour. The illustrations are from a 19th-century Chinese edition. This is the first of the three volumes of the novel. 精装, 版: 第2版, 标签: 外文出版社, 外文出版社, 产品组: Book, 出版: 2008-01-01, 工作室: 外文出版社, 销售排名: 32176
Platform order number IEVOWJCqYQXhSvSWQ3ISshde0cCjeO JCfavnvcwc166cNK587NDO8IzwFGrG B8hrf3%2BXnnW%2BbqXQx4iJIYkkq6 fI6G7QVTkczVP%2B%2FSpsEglyqVx5 B233RO3k%2BItcs8DdOAwlHafZbGF% 2BgfioQba5HOFvD%2FbzQ3SQ
Keywords: 精美畅销套装书, 图书, 小说, 中国古典小说, 外语学习, 英语读物, 小说名著
Data from 05/26/2017 14:51h
ISBN (alternative notations): 7-119-01778-0, 978-7-119-01778-5


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