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9786162220494 - Derek Lantin: Come Here. and I'll Show You
Derek Lantin (?):

Come Here. and I'll Show You (2014) (?)

ISBN: 9786162220494 (?) or 6162220494, in english, booksmango.com, booksmango.com, booksmango.com, New, ebook, digital download.

From Seller/Antiquarian.
Half an hour later I'm still workin' an' I'm makin' good progress. But I get interrupted. The chick is gettin' bored sittin' in bed by herself. She calls out with a real soft voice an' summons me to some more arduous tasks in the bedroom. I slurp down another drink to damp down the fires of lust. "Natalie," I tell her, "I'll be with you in a few minutes. I just gotta finish this last check-list." But she wasn't to be put off. She undulated into the room, came behind me an' put her arms around my neck. Her naked little body seemed to glow in the half-light of the room, her bare arms were silken an' brown. Lights were dancin' in her eyes as she pouted an invitation to me. "Pleease." she purred. By that time I was pawin' the ground for it. All I could do was get my kit off an' jump into bed.
2940158099281 - Come Here.and I'll Show You Derek Lantin Author

Come Here.and I'll Show You Derek Lantin Author (?)

EAN: 2940158099281 (?), probably in english, booksmango, New, ebook, digital download.

In Stock.
From Seller/Antiquarian.
Come Here...and I'll Show You, is a paramilitary adventure book written in the style and spirit of possibly Don Pendleton and more likely that of Carroll Poke Runyon. If you don't know these Authors stop right now. However if you want to explore this genre then move to the front of the line.What else is there to say. If you love a para-military adventure plot set in SE Asia post U.S. Vietnam Conflict that is properly spaced, understandable, and neither too complicated or shallow and throw in weapons, knives, adult beverages and beautiful women and you have a great afternoon literary repast for the spirit. Enjoy! You can gobble this gem in a few hours and lose yourself to the adventure. Five stars of fun!
9786162220494 - Derek Lantin: Come Here.and I´ll Show You
Derek Lantin (?):

Come Here.and I´ll Show You (?)

ISBN: 9786162220494 (?) or 6162220494, in english, New, ebook, digital download.

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From Seller/Antiquarian.