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A Topical Outline of Georgian Grammar -compare every offer

Julian Granberry (?):

A Topical Outline of Georgian Grammar (2009) (?)

ISBN: 9783929075144 (?) or 3929075148, in english, 86 pages, LINCOM EUROPA, Paperback, New

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A Topical Outline of Georgian Grammar presents all of the basic grammar of the language of Sakartvelo (Georgia), an important and very modern southern European, northern Near Eastern language spoken by some 5 million people to the south of Russia and the immediate north of Armenia and Turkey. The language has a vibrant, important literature with its beginnings in 450 A.D. and continuing to the present day. The book can be used both as a first learning tool for the beginner as well as a reference grammar for the more experienced user. It will enable the learner to begin reading in a short period of time and can be used at any time by all users as a handy look-up volume on any point in Georgian grammar. Grammar points are presented topically: The Alphabet; Grammatical Categories, Case Usage and Word Order; Nouns and their Declensions; Adjectives; Adverbs; Interrogatives; Numerals; Conjunction, Particles, and Interjections; Pronouns; Postpositions; and an Introduction to the Georgian Verb, containing full conjugational examples of all the classes of Georgian verbs. The book is particularly recommended for those language learners who prefer a concentrated yet complete grammar rather than the slower lesson-by-lesson approach. Taschenbuch, Label: LINCOM EUROPA, LINCOM EUROPA, Produktgruppe: Book, Publiziert: 2009-05, Studio: LINCOM EUROPA, Verkaufsrang: 3879773
Platform order number (Int.): Bw1V24wjWbKGWmiD%2B1yg%2F5Anxi 88YaGuL3lHgvd3QmKNM49a8Fz0CWml oRhNVnIxq94WZJUgQyyHJJsCEUltYB 9Xwq%2Fqu%2F6Sw0jNoWU9H%2B8h7s R9EblrQReq0uVsOr9BU16Ppk44tiBg DZr38B%2FUsg%3D%3D
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ISBN (alternative notations): 3-929075-14-8, 978-3-929075-14-4
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