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9781787331358 - Dave Goulson: The Garden Jungle
Dave Goulson (?):

The Garden Jungle (?)

ISBN: 9781787331358 (?) or 1787331350, probably in english, Vintage Publishing, hardcover, New

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From Seller/Antiquarian
The Garden Jungle is about the wildlife that lives right under our noses, in our gardens and parks, between the gaps in the pavement, and in the soil beneath our feet. Wherever you are right now, the chances are that there are worms, woodlice, centipedes, flies, silverfish, wasps, beetles, mice, shrews and much, much more, quietly living within just a few paces of you. Dave Goulson gives us an insight into the fascinating and sometimes weird lives of these creatures, taking us burrowing into the compost heap, digging under the lawn and diving into the garden pond. He explains how our lives and ultimately the fate of humankind are inextricably intertwined with that of earwigs, bees, lacewings and hoverflies, unappreciated heroes of the natural world. The Garden Jungle is at times an immensely serious book, exploring the environmental harm inadvertently done by gardeners who buy intensively reared plants in disposable plastic pots, sprayed with pesticides and grown in peat cut from the ground. Goulson argues that gardens could become places where we can reconnect with nature and rediscover where food comes from. With just a few small changes, our gardens could become a vast network of tiny nature reserves, where humans and wildlife can thrive together in harmony rather than conflict. For anyone who has a garden, and cares about our planet, this book is essential reading.
9781787331358 - Dave Goulson: The Garden Jungle:  Or Gardening To Save The Planet
Dave Goulson (?):

The Garden Jungle: Or Gardening To Save The Planet (?)

ISBN: 9781787331358 (?) or 1787331350, in english, Random House UK, New

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From Seller/Antiquarian
Dave Goulson, Books, Home and Garden, The Garden Jungle: Or Gardening To Save The Planet, In this book Dave Goulson shows us what lives in our compost piles and behind our trees’ bark and beneath our lawns, and then explains what we can do to increase biodiversity. And because nothing lives in a vacuum, The Garden Jungle uses those small creatures to explain entire ecosystems. Who knew that earwigs were so beneficial, for instance, notably to fruit yields? Or that we have probably never had a greater density of ponds than today? Or that the rabbits introduced by the Romans were really rather fragile Mediterranean creatures, which failed to thrive in cold European climates, until in the eighteenth century they suddenly toughened up and spread? And there is fascinating material on hoverflies, those overlooked pollinators which can be encouraged by creating hoverfly lagoons. So The Garden Jungle is on one level an immensely serious book which argues for noticing and protecting all these small creatures, and which then raises important debates. How bee-friendly, it asks, are the supposedly bee-friendly plants sold in our garden centres and nurseries? And should you use peat rather than compost, and if not why not? Why do urban bee hives often produce more honey than those in the countryside? And what are the repercussions of using lawn treatment chemicals on your lawns, or of encouraging garden areas to turn into natural meadow? For anyone who has a garden, and cares about our planet, this book is essential reading.