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9781539641483 - Deborah Sevilla: Story Starters: Single Writer Workbook - Book
Deborah Sevilla (?):

Story Starters: Single Writer Workbook (?)

Delivery from: United States of AmericaBook is in english languageThis is a paperback bookNew book

ISBN: 9781539641483 (?) or 1539641481, in english, CreateSpace Publishing, Paperback, New

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Story-Starters~~Deborah-Sevilla, Story Starters: Single Writer Workbook, paperback
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Seller order number: 9781539641483
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ISBN (alternative notations): 1-5396-4148-1, 978-1-5396-4148-3
9781539641483 - Story Starters - Book

Story Starters (?)

Delivery from: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandBook is in english languageNew book

ISBN: 9781539641483 (?) or 1539641481, in english, New

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From Seller/Antiquarian
Ever wake from a dream and think That would be a great movie and want to continue the story in your head? This is your creativity begging to be let free. There is nothing like letting your imagination free and being creative. School curriculum can stifle a child s creative writing and thinking. Kids are overly concerned and anxious about handwriting, spelling, punctuation, using enough adjectives, word counts and right answers. This is not how you create. Creativity flows best with freedom and practice. In Boundless Beginnings Story Starters, you don t even need a notebook. There is room in the book to write up to 3 full pages of the story. When you finish the story, there s a place to write the title and draw a picture. There is an assortment of stories started in this book. Some short, some long, some in the first person others in the third person. There are no rules, just have fun with it and write. The more you write the easier it gets. Get stuck? Don't worry, there is a tip section in the back to help you grow each story. Want to change something we wrote? Go ahead! It s YOUR story. Finish the book? Congratulations! You just completed your very own collection of short stories! It is not about grammar or spelling. It's about unleashing imagination and enjoying the process of creating and telling a story. Story Starters are formatted for one writer per story. Story Sharers are designed to be a collective writer s workbook. The workbook is passed around to 2 or more writers, each picking the story up where the last person left off. Bedtime workbooks are designed to be created over the course of 7-14 nights with someone special. Ideal for sparking creativity in non-readers/writers or as a special creative time together before bed.
Seller order number: 9781539641483
Platform order number 9781539641483
Data from 05/06/2017 01:34h
ISBN (alternative notations): 1-5396-4148-1, 978-1-5396-4148-3


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